Simple and Easy Essay on Television

Television is a combination of two words. Tele is a Greek word meaning distance and vision refers to the device through which we can see from a distance. Today the word is included in both English and Urdu and is commonly referred to as “TV” which is an abbreviation of Television.

A hundred years ago, if a man had said that a man’s voice could be heard from Peshawar to Multan, everyone would have thought it a joke. But today it is no longer a joke, it has become a reality.

This was made possible by radio and the evolved form of radio is television which offers not only sound but also pictures. If someone is reading the news on TV-Station, we see not only their voice but also their appearance and movements.

The credit for this strange invention is given to American inventor Philo Taylor Farnsworth. In one place he himself wrote that”

I was testing a camera when a doll's reflection appeared to me in another room. I exposed one of my employees to the rays. At first he did not agree, but in the temptation of the reward he stood up, so I saw his reflection in the other room. There was no end to my happiness.

The television experiment was successful in 1915. John Lowe continued this. With the help of television cameras, the picture began to be shown in remote areas. Even in February 1928, programs were broadcast from London to America and television crossed the Atlantic Ocean.

Television was once expensive but nowadays it has become affordable entertainment. You are sitting at home traveling from country to country, having current affairs knowledge, listening to songs, watching movies, watching sports programs and now education is also done through television. Apart from this, religious, reformatory, entertainment and various informational programs are continuously shown on TV.

TV started in Pakistan in 1964. Nowadays its practice has increased to such an extent that there is hardly a house without a television. Not only educated people but also uneducated people are benefiting from TV. If one cannot read newspapers and magazines, he can get information from TV. Apart from this, we can also watch sewing, embroidery and cooking programs on it. It would not be right if we say that this invention is a great source of information.

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