My Favourite Game Hockey Essay in English

My Favourite Game Hockey Essay

Every game is good but Hockey is my favourite game. Like cricket and football, it is also a very interesting game. It first started in England and gradually spread throughout the world in various forms. At this time, this game has gained a lot of popularity in Pakistan as well.

A Hockey team has a total of eleven players. Each player has a “Hockeyā€¯. Hockey requires a perfectly smooth field so that the players do not face any difficulty in playing. A hockey field is 300 feet long and one hundred feet wide.

There are two goals facing each other with a net behind it and in front of it there is a half circle i.e. D. The player who stands in it is called the “goalkeeper”. He saves the ball from going into the goal. The success of a team depends on the smartness and agility of the goalkeeper.

Two players on the team support the goalkeeper, known as “fullbacks”. There are three players in front of the fullbacks called “halfbacks” and those who pass the ball forward are called center forwards. These are five in number. Well, all the players do their duties but center forwards are very helpful in moving the ball back and forth and scoring goals.

During the match, an umpire is appointed to decide the rules and regulations of Hockey. He is called “referee” in the language of the game. He has full powers to start and stop the game and if any player makes a mistake, he gives the final and definitive decision. No appeal is ever entertained against his decision. A good referee is always impartial.

Playing hockey gives the body a workout. Like other sports, hockey players develop some positive habits. They develop a spirit of helping each other. The habit of respecting one’s senior is strong. These good habits help them to become good citizens of the society.

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