My Favourite Game Hockey Essay in English

My Favourite Game Hockey Essay

My Favourite Game Hockey Essay Every game is good but Hockey is my favourite game. Like cricket and football, it is also a very interesting game. It first started in England and gradually spread throughout the world in various forms. At this time, this game has gained a lot of popularity in Pakistan as well. … Read more

Simple and Easy Essay on Television

Television Essay for 10th class

Television is a combination of two words. Tele is a Greek word meaning distance and vision refers to the device through which we can see from a distance. Today the word is included in both English and Urdu and is commonly referred to as “TV” which is an abbreviation of Television. A hundred years ago, … Read more

Health is Wealth Essay in English with Quotes

Health is Wealth Essay

Human body is like a machine. If a part of a machine breaks down, the whole machine becomes useless. Similarly, if any part of our body is not healthy for any reason, then all the parts of the body are badly affected. Good health is a blessing. Fortunate people are those who stay upright in … Read more

Essay on Urban and Rural Life in English

Rural and Urban Life Essay

Essay on Urban and Rural Life The society of any country is made up of villages and cities. Countries that depend more on agriculture and farming have a large population in villages and countries that rely on industry and craftsmanship have a large population living in cities.  Pakistan is primarily an agricultural country. The tendency … Read more

Essay on Punctuality with Quotes

Punctuality Essay

Easy Essay on Punctuality for Students in English Doing work at a fixed time is called punctuality. Only one who does a job on time can be successful in this world. Be it rich or poor. Time tramples a person under his feet who does not value the time.  On the contrary, by being punctual … Read more

Essay on Earthquake in English for Students

Essay on Earthquake

Essay on Earthquake An earthquake occurs when the earth moves suddenly due to a geological change. The shaking of the earth is sometimes so low that the inhabitants of the earth do not even know about it, but sometimes the earth shakes so strongly that the buildings shake, the windows and doors of the houses … Read more

Essay on Smog: Causes, Effects and Remedies

Essay on Smog

The 21st century man is facing many problems. Among these problems, fog and smog are a brutal and serious problem.  Smog is formed when smoke and fog connect due to low temperature. It is a type of air pollution also known as photochemical smog and is produced when other toxic particles such as nitrogen oxides … Read more

Importance of Women Education Essay with Quotes

Women Education and National Development Essay

Women Education Essay Knowledge is a wealth which every human being, male or female, needs. It is said that every perfection has decay, but knowledge is such a wealth that does not decay. Knowledge is a friend who supports a person everywhere, whether it is traveling or living, being alone or moving. Knowledge teaches man … Read more