Essay on Punctuality with Quotes

Easy Essay on Punctuality for Students in English

Doing work at a fixed time is called punctuality. Only one who does a job on time can be successful in this world. Be it rich or poor. Time tramples a person under his feet who does not value the time. 

On the contrary, by being punctual in his tasks, a person can live happily throughout the life. It is said that the famous king Napoleon arrived at the battlefield a few minutes late, which resulted in his defeat.

Time is a great wealth. Time is a precious treasure. Lost wealth can be regained but lost time can never be regained

There is a famous saying of the elders:

"The water of the river and time can never come back."

All scenes of nature teach us to be punctual. The change of seasons, the rising and setting of the moon and the sun all happen on time. If all this is not in accordance with the time, then the system of nature will be left in disarray.

Punctuality is the best rule of life. Those who follow this golden rule, get a lot of good names and respect throughout their life. But those who are used to being carried away by the flow of the situation and feel the burden of punctuality. So such people never succeed in their goal.

Members of Islam also teach us to be punctual. The muezzin calls us to the mosque by giving the adhan on time and we can pray on time.

Someone has truly said that:

Time is man's greatest friend and enemy. 

If one values it, it benefits him and those who do not value it suffer. Individuals as well as nations should take care of punctuality.

Punctuality is very important for students. If a student wakes up early in the morning and goes to school on time, both his health and education will improve. However, those who do not value time will not be successful. 

Our life is very short and we have many tasks to do.  If we are punctual in our work, many tasks can be done in less time.

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