Essay on Urban and Rural Life in English

Essay on Urban and Rural Life

The society of any country is made up of villages and cities. Countries that depend more on agriculture and farming have a large population in villages and countries that rely on industry and craftsmanship have a large population living in cities. 

Pakistan is primarily an agricultural country. The tendency of the people of Pakistan is becoming towards industry and craftsmanship day by day, but still being an agricultural country, more or less two-thirds of the population of the country belongs to the rural areas. 

As the facilities of daily life are much more available in the cities than in the villages, people from the rural areas of our country have either moved or are moving or planning to move to the big cities. Migration from villages to cities has created many problems, which the government of Pakistan is trying to address.

Now the question arises why people are leaving their ancient habitats and moving towards big cities? 

So the answer is that they do it by forcing their hearts. Because there are only a few land owning families in the villages who have a lot of land, while the majority are poor people who have no land at all and if they do have very little.

In the villages, they do not even get proper employment and their age is spent in poverty. Moreover, there is a lack of educational and health facilities for their children in the villages, so they are forced to turn to the cities to try their luck, where the necessities of life are easily available.

The facilities of higher education are also abundant and If someone falls ill, he also gets timely medical attention in cities. Apart from these, there are more transportation facilities and employment or business opportunities.

The dark side of urban life is that the environment here is not as peaceful as the villages and the cities do not have access to fresh air and clean food. The urban people are used to suffering and showing off in their daily life and living.

Their necessities of life increase and these things destroy their peace, while in villages man is brought up in the embrace of nature. Lush green fields, open air, green shade trees are nature’s gift to the villagers and they happily live a simple life under the demands of nature.

Villagers are generally uneducated or less educated but friendly and hospitable. They actively share each other’s sorrows. Compared to the hectic life of the cities, the atmosphere of the villages is peaceful. This is the reason why some people turn to villages in search of peace of mind.

It is very gratifying that in this age of scientific progress, villages are also being prioritized and the villages are being provided with basic facilities like cities, including educational, medical and transportation facilities. The day is not far when, like other European countries, there will be no significant difference between rural and urban life.

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