Health is Wealth Essay in English with Quotes

Human body is like a machine. If a part of a machine breaks down, the whole machine becomes useless. Similarly, if any part of our body is not healthy for any reason, then all the parts of the body are badly affected. Good health is a blessing.

Fortunate people are those who stay upright in this world.

If a poor man is healthy, his good health is wealth in itself. A wealthy person, if his body is not fit, then his wealth and prosperity are useless to him. So, it was found that a fitter body is better than wealth. Being healthy is very important to be successful in life. The soul of a sick person is also sick and he cannot do any work with enthusiasm.

Some tasks in life require physical strength and some require mental strength. A sick man misses both of them. Experience shows that some intelligent students cannot work well because of illness and fail, but some students succeed even if they are not very intelligent and have good health. A sick man can neither build his own life nor do anything for the betterment of mankind.

The people who did great things in this world were not only intelligent but also fit and energetic. Great conquerors of the world, national celebrities, philosophers of international fame and famous scientists have reached this place due to mental and physical strength. The truth is that self-righteousness is one of a hundred blessings in terms of its benefits.

One who is constantly sick becomes bored with himself and nothing in the world pleases him. Life becomes miserable for him. The condition becomes irritable.

It is known that health is a great blessing in life. We should value this blessing, whoever does not value it is ungrateful to his Lord. Some people have everything, but because of lack of integrity, it is useless to them. 

Someone has told the truth:

“Health is Wealth”

The most appropriate thing to maintain health is diet. Most of the human diseases are caused by eating the wrong food. Overeating should be avoided. Heavy meals should also be avoided. 

A sage has said:

"People dig their own graves with their teeth". 

Those who stop eating before they are full are healthy. Trusting God in our affairs and being happy leads to good health. 

Hazrat Ali (R.A)

Apart from this, the rules of hygiene must be strictly followed. Dental hygiene, morning walk and exercise are also included in the health rules. If a person follows these principles and makes hard work a rule, then he can remain healthy throughout his life.

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