Essay on Earthquake in English for Students

Essay on Earthquake

An earthquake occurs when the earth moves suddenly due to a geological change. The shaking of the earth is sometimes so low that the inhabitants of the earth do not even know about it, but sometimes the earth shakes so strongly that the buildings shake, the windows and doors of the houses start to rattle loudly. Sometimes buildings collapse and occupants are buried under the debris. The ground and roads crack, but this rarely happens. 

In developed countries, geologists have built laboratories where the intensity of earthquakes can be measured. Technology has progressed to the extent that no matter what kind of earthquake occurs in any region of the world, its intensity can be estimated there. 

Earthquake measurement in term is called Richter Scale. If the earthquake is around 5 on the Richter scale, it is severe. If it is five to six and a half Richter scale, then it is more severe and if it is more than that, it is the most severe and destructive. Geologists are now researching how to predict earthquakes, which they haven’t been able to do so far, but it’s not far off.

Why do earthquakes occur?  The most recent theory is that all the continents of the world are located on different plates that are floating on superheated fluids. The energy generated by the collision of these plates, the waves create vibrations in the earth due to which the earth vibrates, which is called earthquake.

Some countries of the world are located in regions where geological upheavals occur. These countries include Japan, Mexico, America, Italy, Iran, Indonesia and China. Earthquakes keep happening in these countries and the people here have become so accustomed to earthquakes that they even build their houses and keep their foundations so strong that they do not collapse in the event of an earthquake. 

Apart from the mentioned countries, they sometimes cause destruction in some other countries as well. The earthquake of October 18, 2005 in the northern regions of Pakistan and Azad Kashmir brought tears to our eyes even today.

This earthquake destroyed Muzaffarabad, Balakot, Bagh, Mansehra, Rawalkot and Gurdwara, besides a vast land, the mountains moved from their place, the rocks were broken, the rivers changed their course. , including Attabad, many new lakes were created, buildings came to the ground, thousands of people died, millions became disabled and the financial loss is incalculable.

A few years before this earthquake, very terrible earthquakes occurred in the city of Kobayashi in Japan, the city of Ahmedabad in India and the ancient city of Bam in Iran. Before the establishment of Pakistan in 1935, the entire city of Quetta was destroyed by the most severe earthquake and more than fifty thousand people were killed.

In October 2015, a severe earthquake occurred in North Punjab and Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. The earthquake also wreaked havoc in some northern regions, killing hundreds of people and injuring thousands. 

Some people believe that earthquakes should not be measured on a Richter scale, but on a scale of honor and shame, because earthquakes are not the result of an underground but an above-ground disturbance and the wrath of the Almighty. There is an arrangement and a kind of warning for those humans who spread mischief on God’s earth.

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