My Favorite Book Essay the Holy Quran with Quotes

My Favorite Book Essay

Studying books is a hobby that is an essential part of the life of every scholar, but the number of different books is so much that even the age of Noah (peace be upon him) is not enough to study them. So, it is inevitable that one has to choose books  according to choice and taste. 

Just as one must be careful in choosing friends, in the same way one needs to be very careful in choosing books. Now, every person’s choice and taste is different, so while choosing a book, firstly we should consider our choice and secondly, we should see how useful that book is. Choosing the right book can make your life better and choosing the wrong book can ruin your life. 

A wise man has said: 

“Some books are meant to be tasted, some are meant to be swallowed and only a few books have to chew and digest.”

Allama Iqbal has also given a similar idea during one of his lectures. He says:

“Such a book comes into existence after centuries, every single word of which is worth reading carefully.”

Allama Iqbal

The Holy Quran is one such universal and eternal book. It is beyond the boundaries of space and time. This is my favorite book. In the following lines I shall explain the reasons for my choice and the themes of this book. On this occasion, it seems appropriate that I begin my discussion in the light of the sayings of Allama Iqbal.

Allama Iqbal has exhorted the Muslim Ummah that if Muslims want to be seen with honor and respect in the world, then they should seek guidance from the Qur’an, in every area of life and make their role according to it. 

The subject of the Holy Qur’an is man. The Holy Quran is the source of growth and guidance for mankind. This is a book of knowledge and wisdom. In it, the guiding principles for the improvement and welfare of every kind of individual and every kind of nation and trade have been described.

By following them, the Arab nation, which was unfamiliar with civilization before the revelation of the Qur’an, became endowed with the highest and noblest morals of humanity, and by ending the empire of Qaesar and Kasra, it built the best Islamic society and the greatest Islamic state.

The books that were revealed before the Qur’an were the Torah, the Psalms and the Gospel for a particular nation or country, but since the Holy Qur’an is the last heavenly book, it is a complete guidance for the entire world of humanity, whose teachings are applicable in every era and every country. 

The teachings of this book are natural, so the man of every age feels as if it was revealed for that age. This is because it is the word of the Creator and He knows the needs, requirements and psychology of His creatures best.

It is recognized that all the heavenly books mentioned above were revealed before the Holy Qur’an, their worship has decreased to some extent with the passage of time, but compared to them, The Holy Qur’an is a book which, despite the passage of more than one and a half thousand years, still exists today in the same form as it was revealed to the Holy Prophet (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him). 

Not a single word, not even a single letter of it has changed and we can say with full confidence and satisfaction that it is the word of pure Allah because Allah has taken the responsibility of protecting it.

So it is said:

Verily, We have revealed this advice and We are the guardians of it.

The Holy Quran is a literary masterpiece in terms of eloquence. It has the glory of the mountains, the churning of the seas, the flow of the rivers, the luster of lightning and the ministration of jewels.

The Arabs were very proud of their speech and poetry and they considered other countries inferior in comparison to them and called them as “Ajam”, meaning dumb, but when the Holy Quran was revealed, everyone was amazed by its immense eloquence and eloquence. Tongues became dumb and no great scholar, orator or poet could deliver a speech like it. 

When the Qur’an challenged them to produce only one Surah like it, all the Arabs sat with their heads together, but they did not succeed, and they admitted that this word is without a doubt divine, and no one has answered this challenge to this day. After all, how is this even possible?

The Quran is the word of the creator of the universe. Obviously, how can a creature compete with its creator? It is narrated that when Surah Al-Kawsar was revealed, it was written and displayed on the wall of the Kaaba. When one of the great Arab poets, Labid saw it, lost in the river of wonder and wrote there on the wall: This cannot be the words of any human being.

The books that were revealed before the Holy Qur’an either contained only moral teachings or only a collection of prayers and supplications or jurisprudential issues or only beliefs or historical events were described in them. The Holy Qur’an is such a comprehensive book that contains every human aspect. has been highlighted. It also contains moral teachings and a description of beliefs and actions, and important events in human history are also mentioned. 

The Holy Qur’an gave humanity its rightful place. The Quran taught mankind the message of peace and security and freedom and equality. This erased the difference between black and white, Arabs and foreigners, and abolished the distinctions established in the society on the basis of lineage, and placed the foundation of nobility and greatness only on piety and fear of God.

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