Essay on Smoking in English | Side Effects of Smoking

Essay on Smoking

“A cigarette is a smelly substance with fire at one end and a fool at the other." 

Smoking is an ugly habit in our society that every other member of the nation suffers from. If someone is addicted to cigars, someone has developed a passion for cigarettes. These are all useless pastimes and vain hobbies, which do not gain anything except money and health damage.

According to a survey, our young male and female students start smoking in a fashion, which later causes them financial problems as well as numerous medical problems. Sometimes many young people lose their lives in their youth due to chain smoking. 

Cigarettes are said to be the mother of all drugs. So it is true because almost every addiction starts with this. At first it starts as a joke or mischief for light entertainment or to accompany friends, gradually it leads to serious problems in life. 

According to new research, most gastrointestinal and respiratory diseases are caused by smoking. If its habit becomes mature, it can also cause malignant diseases like tuberculosis and mouth cancer. Most of the heart diseases are also caused by smoking and it also causes disfigurement of lips and teeth, which also affects the appearance of a person immensely.

It is said that every puff of cigarettes shortens a few seconds of life. Some people answer this: “Life and death are in the hands of God. They forget that the same God, the Most High, has also ordered to protect rare blessings like life and health.

Health and life are among the special blessings of Allah Ta’ala. Harming them by smoking falls under the category of unbelieving blessings. If you have been spared from smoking, thank Allah and if you have been addicted to it for some reason, it can be given up by sheer force of will. Lest a little carelessness or laziness on his part may cause a big regret tomorrow.

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