Essay on Smog: Causes, Effects and Remedies

The 21st century man is facing many problems. Among these problems, fog and smog are a brutal and serious problem.  Smog is formed when smoke and fog connect due to low temperature.

It is a type of air pollution also known as photochemical smog and is produced when other toxic particles such as nitrogen oxides react with the heat of the sun. These tiny chemical components can enter the human body through inhalation and cause widespread and widespread health problems.

Cold, flu, cough, sore throat, shortness of breath and severe eye irritation are the visible symptoms that affect people of all ages due to smog. 

It is also important to mention here that smog also causes harm to human health which may not be visible immediately but can make any person suffer from serious and fatal diseases such as lung disease or cancer etc. Medical experts have researched that children and the elderly are the most affected by smog. 

In winter, the Punjab province of Pakistan, especially the city of Lahore, comes under the deadly effects of smog. Lahore’s air quality index becomes the highest compared to other cities of Pakistan and starts to have harmful effects on human health which is a matter of concern for the people living in Lahore.

Naturally, there is a blanket of gasses around the earth, in which nitrogen, oxygen, carbon dioxide and other gasses form part of the atmosphere in a certain proportion by weight and are necessary for the survival of life.

But due to the huge human population and the spread of industries all around, the ratio of these gasses in the atmosphere has deteriorated and various types of harmful gasses have accumulated in the atmosphere, the number of which is increasing day by day. 

Gasses from industrial chimneys, smoke from innumerable traffic vehicles and brick kilns, dust clouds from motor vehicle traffic on unpaved roads and broken roads pollute the atmosphere. This pollution has very harmful effects on the health of the victims. Not only this, air pollution also adversely affects vegetation and nearby buildings are also damaged. 

Due to indiscriminate use of fossil fuels, the excess amount of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere increases more than the balance and causes air pollution. Disturbance of this balance causes all the abundant carbon dioxide to accumulate in the form of a stratified layer against the gaseous atmosphere.

This layer does not allow heat from sunlight to escape from this gaseous envelope. Due to this effect, our average temperature has increased over the last few years. According to environmental scientists, this increase in temperature is very harmful and causes environmental pollution.

Regarding all these concerns and dangers, what we can do as a responsible citizen is to completely ban smoke-emitting vehicles from the roads and introduce smoke-free public transport. 

Cutting of trees should be strictly prohibited and planting of new trees should be increased as trees are the most effective source of air pollution and oxygen production. In order to reduce pollution, awareness campaigns should be started at grassroots level so that people can understand the seriousness of the problem and play their role in reducing pollution. 

Railways should be preferred for long distance travel as it is the only medium with less chance of spreading pollution. Lessons on the causes and remedies of environmental pollution should be included in the curricula of all levels.

Awareness about environmental pollution should be made public. Informative features should be written in newspapers, magazines and journals to increase the knowledge of people. 

Garbage should be collected from every area on a daily basis. Committees should be formed at the neighbourhood level to try to prevent air pollution from spreading in their area. The Ministry of Environment needs to be very active and active in this regard. Nothing will be gained by mere verbal submissions.

Not only mankind is affected by the harmful effects of fog and smog, but all other creatures of Allah are also affected. Be it the aquatic life in the sea or the birds in the air or all the other animals on the planet, all are under the grip of this silent killer. The efforts being made to remedy it at the global level are still low and need to be increased.

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