Importance of Women Education Essay with Quotes

Women Education Essay

Knowledge is a wealth which every human being, male or female, needs.

It is said that every perfection has decay, but knowledge is such a wealth that does not decay. Knowledge is a friend who supports a person everywhere, whether it is traveling or living, being alone or moving. Knowledge teaches man to distinguish between good and evil.

Therefore, the Prophet Hazrat Muhammad, (may God bless him and grant him peace) has said:

"Acquiring knowledge is obligatory upon every Muslim man and woman."

Denying the importance of women’s education in the civilized society of the modern era is ignorance and short-sightedness. Man and woman are the two wheels of the car of life. If even one of these wheels fails, the vehicle of life will not reach its destination.

Similarly, it is said that every house is like a small kingdom in which the husband is the king and the wife is the minister. No matter how efficient and competent the king may be, if his minister is not wise, he will not be able to give the right advice to the king in the affairs of the kingdom. However, it is natural for such an empire to fall. 

Therefore, for the establishment of an ideal society, it is important to educate men as well as women. Today we see that only those nations are at the forefront of the world whose women are not behind men in any way in getting education and training.

A wise man says that:

A mother's lap is the child's first education.

 What the child learns in the mother’s arms, it influences his whole future life. Therefore, it is very important for the mother to be educated for the better development and education of the child.

King Napoleon of France is said to have said to his nation:

"Give me good mothers, I will give you the best nation

The meaning of this saying of Napoleon is that only a cultured and educated mother can educate her children in the true sense. On the contrary, an ignorant woman not only stumbles every step of the way due to her ignorance but also darkens the future of her children.

It is very gratifying that in today’s age of science and technology, Pakistani women are showing outstanding performance in every field of life, equipped with knowledge. A clear example of this is Arfa Karim, who received the honor of Microsoft Certified Professional at an early age, and Bill Gates, the owner of Microsoft Company, also openly acknowledged his abilities.

But unfortunately she left this world at a young age. Arfa Karim Tower in Lahore is named after him. Another great example of this is Dr. Nigar Johar, who rendered valuable services in the field of medical science and got the honor of reaching the high rank of Lieutenant General in the Pakistan Army.

Apart from this, the women of the country are also moving forward in the field of politics. An example of this is the mother of the nation Ms. Fatima Jinnah and another example is Ms. Benazir Bhutto who not only held the prestigious position of Prime Minister but also made a great effort to equip Pakistani women with knowledge, grace and skills.

Today, Pakistani women have proven their ability in the central and provincial institutions of the country. Whether it is a bank or a government or non-government office, the performance of women is not less than men, especially women in hospitals, schools, colleges and universities. They are performing their duties well.

All the beauty of the universe is due to the existence of a woman and the essence of life comes from this instrument. But this is only possible when a woman is equipped with knowledge, wisdom and understanding.

Modern necessities of life have made women realize that they should work side by side with men in offices, markets and industrial centers. It is a settled fact that only educated women can succeed in getting dignified employment. 

In modern times, a better position has been assigned to women in society. In addition to co-educational institutions, innumerable separate schools for women have also sprung up, where they can pursue higher education without opposition.

There is a need for women to make full use of this wealth of opportunities so that they can play their role in the welfare of the nation by getting higher education. It has been seen that the majority of the women here are suffering from narrow-mindedness, prejudice, ignorance and superstition due to lack of education.

If we want to protect them from these social ills, we have to generously provide all facilities to women in terms of education.

Women should get secular education as well as religious education so that they can train future generations on positive lines. Countries and societies that have made astonishing progress in all spheres of life have made the education of their women a top priority.

It is a matter of regret that the literacy rate of women in our dear Pakistan is currently not encouraging. We as a nation have to make it our top priority. This is the only way by which we can gain a prominent position in the honor of the nations.

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