Essay on Obedience to Parents in English

The Obedience of Parents Essay

After Allah Almighty, parents are the greatest benefactors of their children. Just as it is not permissible to turn away from the commands of Allah Ta’ala, disobedience to parents is also not permissible. For this reason, after Allah and His Messenger, parents are given the most respect.

Among worldly relatives, the value of parents is the most important and parents are a great blessing for children. Children can get all the blessings of the world, but after the parents leave this world, the love and compassion of the parents cannot be found at any cost.

This is the reason why no one can pay their dues. Consider the responsibilities of a mother in raising a child: the pains a mother goes through for the sake of her child are unimaginable. 

If the child falls ill, the mother becomes concerned and until she sees the child recover, she does not take a breath and forgets to eat and drink. When the child laughs and plays in front of the mother’s eyes, her heart is at peace.  

A child’s joy is a mother’s joy and a child’s sorrow is a mother’s sorrow. If the child becomes stubborn to get something, the mother tries to fulfill the child’s request at every cost, even if she herself has to go hungry. The sincerity and love with which a mother fulfills the duty of educating and training her child is only a part of it.  

That is why our beloved Prophet Muhammad (may All bless him and grant him peace) says:

Heaven is under the feet of mothers. 

But this paradise will come to the one who obeys his mother with all his heart and soul.  But parents do not always stand up for their children.  So lucky are those whose parents are alive.

Along with the mother, the father also dreams of a better future for his children and does everything in his power to fulfill his dreams. 

Allah says in the Holy Quran:

Be kind to your parents. If one or both of your parents reach old age in front of you, do not scold them and do not rebuke them, but speak with respect and bow down to them with gentleness and mercy and  Keep praying in truth that O my Lord!  Have mercy on them!  The way he raised me as a child with mercy and compassion.  

Obedience to parents is the most important right of parents after Allah and His Messenger.

It is said by the Holy Prophet (may God bless him and grant him peace)

 A man who wants to have a long life and to have a generous livelihood, should be kind to his parents.  

Therefore, it is necessary for the children that, since the right of the parents is the most important after Allah, the children should obey and serve their parents and not neglect their manners, obedience and care for their rights.  That the good of the religion and the world for the children is in this.

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