Essay on Floods in English for Students

Essay on Floods

In this world, many calamities and troubles befall man. Every trouble is more than one. Among them there is a flood. What is a flood? A flood is a storm of water. Floods are a calamity that humanity suffers from its devastation.

Sometimes due to rains, the water level in the rivers and streams rises so high that the water overflows the banks and spreads far and wide. This rapid stream of water that rushes out of the banks is called a flood.

Water is one of the four elements of the world that cannot be controlled by humans. Everyone seeks refuge from uncontrollable water. Human history tells us that Allah used water to punish those who rebelled against His orders.

Noah’s storm was his name. It is the law and principle of Allah that He tests people in different ways to see who is His grateful servant and who is ungrateful to Him. It is said in the Qur’an:

We will certainly test you with some fear, hunger, lack of wealth, lack of lives and fruits, and give glad tidings to those who are patient” (Al-Baqarah, verse 155).

Floods usually occur during the rainy season as the rains in this season are continuous and incessant, flooding the rivers and canals.

There is water in the roads and streets. Rivers extend their boundaries. Due to the continuous rains, the frozen snow on the mountains melts and creates intensity, force and enormous expansion in the river water due to which the river water starts reaching the surrounding areas beyond the limits of the banks.

The water of the river is so fast that every obstacle in its path is thrown like a straw and destroyed. People are desperate to save their lives after seeing the signs of flood. But there are many people who do not want to leave their homes under any circumstances. As a result, the water of the flood becomes death and forces them to leave the world.

The flood robs people of shelter. It forces them to go away from their homes to a place where neither food nor a bed is available. In the midst of this chaos, many people also become victims of the noisy and violent waves of the flood.

There are many other damages caused by floods. For example, trees are uprooted. Along with this, the fast water carries away the fertile soil and deposits it somewhere else. It weakens the roots of plants. It destroys crops. Many villages and towns are wiped out due to severe floods.

The means of communication and the power system are also destroyed. A large part of the land becomes prone to erosion and thus a very fertile and agricultural area is washed away by the river. Rivers also change their course due to the process of land erosion.

This series of sufferings does not end with these things, but destruction is destruction due to rapid floods.

There is a need to adopt preventive measures that will help us avoid this huge loss permanently. We should clean our rivers and canals regularly so that there is room for more water in them after the excess silt is removed.

New dams should be built in the country to collect this excess water and use it for irrigation during the dry season. It is important to make people aware of this issue so that many precious lives can be saved. 

In case of flood, immediate efforts should be made to block the flood. People’s lives and their property can be saved with timely assistance. The authorities of the government should immediately reach the affected people. Necessaries of life and food items should be delivered to these people as it takes months to years to support an affected family.

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