Benefits of Exercise Essay in English Class 6 7 8 9 10

Benefits of Exercise Essay

Good health is a great blessing. If the health is not good, the life of a person gets affected.

Exercise is very important to maintain fitness. Exercise is very helpful in digesting food. Exercise leads to proper development of the body. The body becomes flexible and strong. A person lives happily with good health. Body parts and muscles are strengthened. If there is health, it is easy to eat, drink, sit up, work, run and act. 

But if health is not good, there will be no pleasure in anything. All gold and silver are worthless. The value of health is known when a person falls ill.

Different exercises have different benefits. Some exercises strengthen the limbs. For example, crunches are very useful for strengthening the arm and chest muscles. Sit-ups and running are useful for strengthening the legs. Swimming is an excellent exercise.

An exerciser should take care that his diet also suits his needs. If one has to work hard, heavy meals are somewhat necessary. But the diet of the less active should be very simple and light. Exercise should be done according to your strength and age.

The best time for exercise is morning or evening. Weather should also be taken into consideration. There is a risk of frostbite in winter. Therefore, it should be adequately managed. Exercise should not be done after eating.

Consuming something cold, such as soda, ice cream or cold syrup, immediately after exercise can upset the stomach. Just as food is essential to sustain life. Thus exercise is also essential to maintain health. So it is important that we make exercise a daily routine.

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