Benefits of Knowledge Essay in English

Benefits of Knowledge Essay

Knowledge is a great wealth and power. Wealth does not stay with anyone permanently. If someone has wealth today, it can also disappear. But knowledge is a wealth that no one can take away. It does not reduce spending but increases.

Hazrat Ali (R.A) says: that a person who has wealth may have many enemies, but a person who has wealth of knowledge has all his friends. Knowledge teaches man wisdom, awareness, discernment and humility.

Knowledge is very important in Islam. Getting knowledge is obligatory on all Muslim men and women. It is ordered to travel far to get knowledge.

Let us see around us how many things man has made with his knowledge. Today man has made motor cars, buses, cars and airplanes, ships and submarines. If man did not have the desire to get knowledge, he would never have been able to make these things. 

Without knowledge, man remains in need of others. A person who does not know how to read cannot even read a letter from a loved one. Through knowledge man can face the difficulties and dangers with ease. An educated man finds his way through the darkness with his knowledge. While the uneducated person stumbles in the dark.

There are many branches of knowledge like physics, chemistry, biology, psychology and civics etc. Atom was discovered through physics. Chemistry taught us medicine. Thus every branch of knowledge taught us something new and different. 

Through knowledge, the paths of development continue to open. Scientific education has made man very powerful. Man now rules the seas. He is familiar with airways. He has reached the moon and Mars.

The human intellect is stunned to see today’s inventions. Electricity is used in many ways. There has been a lot of progress in transport and communication. There has been a huge increase in agricultural production. Networks of new roads have been spread everywhere. Thanks to knowledge, man has found mineral treasures from the mountains. Forests and deserts have become the dust of man’s feet.

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