My Best Friend Essay for Class 5 6 7 8 9 10

My Best Friend Essay

I got a very good friend. His name is Aamir. We both study together. He is from my neighborhood and belongs to a very noble family. We understand each other’s nature and habits very well. This is why we became best friends.

He gets upset seeing me upset. He helps me in difficult times. If I am in trouble, he gives me the best advice and helps me verbally and practically. We go to and from school together.

We play games together and study together. Aamir has very good manners. Every boy respects her. Teachers also look at him with great compassion. Currently we are among the best students in the class.

Aamir often says that he who did not serve the elders was never successful. And one who does not respect his teachers can never be rich in knowledge. So he himself practices it. He obeys his parents very much. He respects his teachers and elders a lot. I am also very happy that I have got a good, sympathetic, capable, intelligent and hardworking friend like Aamir.

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