Wonder of Science Essay for Students in English

Wonder of Science Essay

Man is the best of creation. Allah Ta’ala has given many abilities to man. Earlier men lived in caves. They used to wear leaves and used to hunt animals for their food. In ancient times, man used to travel on foot. 

Today, motor vehicles, airplanes and ships are available for us to travel to distant regions and countries. Now the journey of months is completed in days and the journey of days in hours and the journey of hours in minutes.

Science has revolutionized our life. Inventions such as radio, telephone and television have bridged distances across the globe. Now messages reach from one corner of the world to another in seconds. One can have instant conversations with friends and loved ones sitting thousands of miles away on the telephone.

Events happening in remote places of the world reach the whole world in the form of news. The sound of the radio only fills the ears, but by pressing the button of the television, the image of the speaker also appears.

In today’s age, electricity is seen as a servant. It doesn’t show itself, but it helps to run fans, air-coolers, refrigerators and heaters burn. It has made our life easier by helping us prepare food and wash clothes. What hundreds of workers cannot do, it does instantly.

In ancient times, people died from deadly diseases like dysentery, cholera, malaria, plague and smallpox. Today, science has advanced so much that children are vaccinated against plague and smallpox. Now every disease has been overcome. Earlier there were speculations about the disease. Now through x-ray doctors reach the actual disease. Diseases like cancer are being treated with radio waves.

Science has played an amazing role in the field of education. With the invention of the printing press, books and periodicals were published rapidly. Microfilm and photostat have made publishing and printing even easier.

Science has made great progress in the field of agriculture. Now, many varieties of crops have been developed. Earlier, the crops were affected and the farmer suffered losses. Sprays are now commonly available in the market to protect crops from pests and diseases. Machines have been invented for sowing and harvesting crops.

Science has made our lives easier. Science has influenced every sphere of life and we are reaping the benefits of scientific inventions day and night.

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