A Historical Tour Essay for Class 6 7 8 9 10

A Visit to Historical Place Essay

It was the month of April. The in-charge of our class, Sajjad Sahib told us the good news that the school administration has made a program that tomorrow the students of sixth, seventh and eighth grade will go for a tour of Jahangir’s tomb. The students clapped their hands on hearing this good news.

On the second day, I woke up before the morning call to prayer and went to the mosque to pray. Came back and had breakfast. After breakfast, I got ready and reached school. The children of all the three parties dressed in colorful dresses looked like butterflies in the ground. After a while, the bus arrived. All students boarded the bus. The weather was very pleasant.

When our bus reached the bus stand through the railway station, a towering minaret appeared. As soon as you look at Minar e Pakistan, the image of Pakistan comes before your eyes. Approaching Minar e Pakistan, on the left, the minarets of the Badshahi Masjid are seen talking to the sky. After a while our bus reached Ravi bridge. Many people were seen taking boat trips.

Traffic was crawling on the bridge. Our bus also crawled to Jahangir’s tomb. Our respected teacher got off the bus and proceeded towards the main entrance of the tomb to collect the tickets. When entering the tomb after showing the ticket, huge grounds were seen in front. Green sheets were spread everywhere. People were sitting in groups. Children were running. The youngsters were playing cricket.

One has to go through a big door. It is like a castle gate. Go through the gate and you will see a huge garden. There are big trees in this garden. There are fountains on the path leading to the tomb. Then comes a platform, which is made of marble. In this place, Emperor Jahangir is sleeping eternally.

The floor of the tomb is made of marble. Beautiful vines appear above the precious stones. Ninety-nine names of Allah Ta’ala are engraved on both sides of the grave. The tomb has four minarets. These minarets look very beautiful from Ravi’s bridge.

We were very hungry while visiting the tomb. We spread sheets in a clean place and had food. Eat fruits after meals. After the meal, all the students were engaged in sports. It was evening. We all boarded the bus at that time and went home. It was a memorable journey of life for me.

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