Morning and Evening Walk Essay for Class 4 5 6 7 8

Morning and Evening Walk Essay

Walking refreshes a person physically and mentally. Therefore, some people visit the park in the morning or evening. Some people who are fond of walking also walk in the morning and also in the evening. I am also fond of morning and evening walks. The reason for this is my father. 

My father wakes up early every morning, goes to the mosque to pray. I also go with them every day. After praying, we both go for a walk in a park near the mosque. Many men, women, children and old people visit this park for walking and exercise.

I take three laps of the entire park with my father. A cycle is about two kilometers. Thus, I actually travel six kilometers by doing three rounds. The cool morning air makes me feel fresh.

After reaching home, I prepare for school and go to school. My father comes from the office at three o’clock. After eating, they rest for an hour. Then they take me to the same park. 

The beauty of this park is that the walking track made in it is very beautiful. So you can go around as much as you want, you will not get tired. Many people come here for a walk in the evening. But there are very few of them who are here even in the morning. Many boys play cricket here in the evening.

I stay healthy by walking in the morning and evening and never get sick. The benefit is that I don’t miss school. I give full attention to my studies with good health. My teacher also appreciates me. They also encourage other children to go for morning and evening walks.

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