Computer. A Wonderful Invention Essay for Class 5 6 7 8 9 10

Computer Essay

Human beings have used their intellectual abilities in various inventions and have proved that they are the best of creatures. Humans have made inventions that were unimaginable in the past. Computer is one of them. 

A computer is an electronic device that processes information according to instructions. It can store, retrieve, and manipulate data to perform a wide range of tasks.

It is a time of technology. Computer is also a wonder of technology. It is being used in every field of life. You will find computers playing an important role in offices, agriculture, industry, business, media and space.

Charles, a British engineer, invented a machine that could store information. In 1890, Hermann Harth invented the first electric computer. It used cards for information. The first digital computer was completed in 1946. Earlier it was very heavy and kept in a large room. Gradually its size became smaller. It even became small enough to be easily placed on a table. Micro and mini computers are common nowadays.

A computer consists of three parts.

Input Unit

It is like the keyboard of a typewriter. Above it are lever-like buttons. Each lever represents a different letter, symbol and shape. The device used to direct the computer is called a mouse. Moving the mouse reveals a hint, which gives specific instructions.

Processing Unit

It is the most important part of the computer. It can be called the brain of the computer. It works according to the instructions and then it displays the results.

Output Device

It looks like a television. This is called a monitor. When the computer compiles the result, it appears on its screen. A computer works a million times faster than a human. By this timely accurate information can be obtained. 

Computer has revolutionized the field of education. You can forward your messages and texts to another computer. Computers are a great source of entertainment for sports-loving children. Computer should be used for good purposes.

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