Eid ul Fitr Essay in English for Class 5 to 10th

Eid ul Fitr Essay

Eid ul-Fitr is celebrated at the end of the holy month of Ramadan. Eid means a day of joy that comes again and again. This day is a manifestation of the collective happiness of all Muslims. Be it poor or rich, old people and children all join in the joy of Eid

In the joys of Eid, the poor and needy are also remembered. A person who has done good deeds for a whole month and has not even come close to committing a sin, when he appears before Allah Almighty on the next day, blessings will be showered on him from all sides.

As soon as people get up in the morning on the day of Eid, they get ready by wearing new clothes. Cook sweets or something sweet. After that, they come before Allah for the Eid prayer and say that we have taken care of Ramadan according to your command. Please grant us good fortune in the future as well. Forgive us our sins and enrich us with the blessings of this world and the hereafter.

Children wear colorful clothes on the day of Eid. Children prepare for the Eid festival. Going out for sightseeing. In the streets and alleys, it seems as if spring has arrived, with brightly colored canopies lined up in front of food and drink items.

People decorate the shops with flags, as if wherever you look, you can see the sky of happiness. A crowd of colorfully dressed children is seen in front of every food and drink shop and the truth is that children are the ones who truly enjoy Eid.

We should also consider the feelings of our poor companions in the joy of Eid and try to make them share this joy with us.

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