Libraries Essay for Students in English with Quotes

In English, the library is the place where books, magazines, newspapers and similar old and new materials are kept together for reading. In Urdu and Persian, the words for it are Katbkhana and in Arabic “Dar Al Kitab”.

For students and teachers, almost every good educational institution has a collection of books of various subjects where students and teachers go to the library during their free time and study the books sitting there. For this purpose, there is a half corner in the library, where they can read in peace and no one is present in their study. It is called the reading room.

Some students or teachers need the required book for a longer period of time, so they get it issued by the library clerk in their name for a few days and return it safely to the library after the specified number of days. Thus it continues.

No living society can deny the need for a library. Individuals in developed societies also manage their personal libraries and gradually expand them. Mobile libraries are becoming common practice in developed countries and study promotion can be done effectively through mobile libraries.

Libraries may be school level, college or university level or general library. All kinds of people, big and small, come to the library. Therefore, it is necessary to add only authentic and reliable books of each subject to the library.

Reading a good book is actually a living study that gives strength and energy to the heart, but reading a non-standard book makes the heart dead, so selection of books needs to be carefully selected so that fresh ideas can be imparted to the new generations.

The history of the United Nations is witness to the fact that the duty of leadership and guidance in the community of nations can be fulfilled only by those nations whose people have developed the habit of reading books.

If a person wants to know the level of a particular educational institution, he should check the library there. A good library is a measure of the quality of an educational institution. There are more or less books of every subject in the library, which are kept in a special order by the library authorities.

Keeping the books in an organized manner has the advantage of making it easier to find the required book. Keeping books in order is a formal science known as “library science”. Students or teachers frequently come to the library, borrow books according to their taste and quench their thirst for knowledge.

Some students or teachers want to increase their knowledge in addition to their special subject, for example, someone has a taste for poetry and literature, someone likes to read fiction or novels, some want to read historical books, some want to read geographical or scientific books.

There is a tendency to increase information, while people with certain religious tastes need information about religion to improve their personality. The library has ample resources for all of these

“My best friend is the one who gives me a book that I have not read before.”

Former US President Abraham Lincoln

It has been seen that most of the students get books issued in their name after seeing others from the library or in order to make their colleagues afraid of knowledge, but they do not study the book with full attention and do not use the book. Obviously, such students lag behind other students in studies.

Some students do not keep the library book safely, either tear the pages of the book or make marks on the book, which spoils the book’s condition. In both cases, tastelessness is evident. Obviously, such students are not students, but they should be called knowledge thieves who enter educational institutions in the guise of students.

Gifted students get full benefit from the library’s great facilities and convenience. If their demand is sincere, then they take advice from their teachers and senior students in this regard.

For students who cannot afford to buy books, the library is an unexpected boon. Mastering your coursework is the goal of all students at every institution, and most students want to further their studies, so they turn to the library.

There are manuscripts or some valuable books in the library which cannot be issued, the best way to get the most out of such books is for the students to study diligently and keep in mind the essential points of the book under study. Make notes of them so that they can do justice to themselves and their education.

Every good library also carries the latest newspapers and a wide variety of magazines and journals, which knowledgeable students can also take advantage of.

The book is the most reliable companion of our loneliness and isolation. It transforms our boring loneliness into fragrant loneliness. In the 21st century, no country and no society can be without the need for a library.

We should be aware that only those nations in the world are proud who are interested in establishing a library.

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