Begging is a Curse Essay in English

Begging is a Curse Essay

Asking someone for help, mercy, or generosity in a desperate manner, especially in the form of material or financial support, is called Begging. 

Today, in our society, this ugly ritual is being promoted with great enthusiasm. The more efforts should be made to eradicate this evil, the faster it is spread. Begging is no less than a curse in civilized society and it is considered a sign of disgrace and humiliation in civilized countries. In civilized countries this evil is condemned and appropriate measures are taken to prevent it.

Beggars can be divided into two categories: the first type is those who are tired of some compulsion or the irony of the situation and spread their hands in front of people, and the second type is those who are used to ease. Their heart does not like to work hard, but they spread their hands in front of people and ask for it and make it their regular occupation.

In our society, cheating has become a regular industry. Different people have created groups of disabled persons. These people make these disabled persons sit early in the morning in places where people are very busy and crowded.

These disabled people make different kinds of noises and attract passers-by. These people also adopt psychological methods of begging and chanting. On the way, we see people and see what kind of people they are.

If a young person is carrying a book, he will pray to him that Allah will pass him with good marks. If someone is carrying a file, he will say to him that Allah will give you a better job. Similarly, if there is a newly married couple, then we will pray that Allah will keep the couple safe. In this way, the thought arises in the heart of the wayfarer that he must be helped, that he has prayed to me on the occasion

The Holy Prophet (peace and blessings of God be upon him) has condemned Begging in strong terms. 

The saying of the Prophet, peace be upon him: 

O Muslims! Worship Allah and do not associate anyone with Him. Follow the commands of God and do not ask for anything from people." 

He (peace and blessings of God be upon him) further said at one point: “Whoever begs, on the Day of Judgment, there will be a black mark on his face by which he will be recognized.” In this holy hadith, begging has been condemned in very strict terms

Although begging has been highly condemned in Islam and punishment has been promised to beggars, Islam has also ordered to help the poor and needy.  

Allah Ta’ala has said about such people in the Holy Qur’an: 

These people do not question other people. In fact, such people deserve our help, who do not extend their hands in front of others and do not explain their situation in front of people.”

Look for such people and give them their right because Islam has made Zakat obligatory to remove the scourge of begging from the society. Islam does not want anyone to spread his hand before anyone and his self-esteem is hurt. Islam wants every person to be kind, so when you start giving charity, don’t let others know about it. 

According to a newspaper survey, many beggars in Pakistan are addicted to drugs. Such men, when they run out of money to do drugs, they start begging, such people can be treated and made into decent members of the society. 

To eliminate this addiction from society. It is necessary for the government to take appropriate measures in this regard. The government should improve the system of zakat and spend the zakat in the right places. It is also the responsibility of the government to help the poor people.

Create institutions that give interest-free loans to poor people so that people can earn their living easily. If a young and healthy person begs, it is better than begging to arrange a job for him so that he can work hard and support himself and his family.

In a survey, it has also been revealed that there are many beggars in Pakistan who are the owners of crores of rupees. They don’t work because of their habit and because of their ease. If we use our money properly, this group can be eliminated.

The following measures can be taken to combat the nefarious profession of begging

We should take a pledge that no help will be given to any undeserving person under any circumstances.  It should be followed by oneself and others should also be encouraged to follow it.

 It is the duty of scholars and preachers to exhort people to stay away from this disgraceful profession in their speeches and preaching meetings.

Simpler women who consider the voice of every beggar to be the voice of the unseen, should be restrained from giving charity.

Opportunities to labor and work should be provided to the assailants.

Begging is a stain on our society. The development of the country depends on the high mental level of the people. The thought of a beggar is worse than the thought of a slave. It is a matter of regret that beggars are seen begging in every place. I wish people should use their honor and would refrain from this ugly ritual.  .  

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