Essay on Technical Education for Students for Class 8 9 10

Importance of Technical Education Essay

As long as the Muslim scholars continued to seek practical education, they were considered to be the highest among the nations of the world. When they diverted attention from this side, they continued to fall down in rank. 

It is necessary that all the Islamic world in general and the youth of Pakistan in particular pay full attention to this so that they can regain their lost position and status in the world. 

Education and skills are apparently two opposite things, but both are related to human intelligence.  Acquiring knowledge is a divine blessing and a wealth that brings the lost people to the right path.  

Hazrat Muhammad Rasulullah ( Peace be Upon Him) came as a figure of knowledge and guidance and enlightened the darkness of the world with the light of knowledge.

The Almighty has said in the Holy Qur’an:

The people of knowledge and the ignorant can never be equal." (Al-Zumar: Verse 9)

In Islam, the acquisition of both religious and worldly knowledge is emphasized. Secular studies refers to the education we receive in our educational institutions. This category includes science, mathematics, engineering, doctorate, philosophy, history, geography, etc., in the pursuit of which a large part of life and lakhs of rupees are spent.

Most students aim to earn a degree. After which they go around in search of jobs and ruin their lives. A common man’s life would be more useful if instead of running aimlessly to get a degree, he would focus on learning a skill.

Keeping in view the conditions of our country, it is necessary for the authorities to direct the attention of its youth towards skilling, which we call technical education, and create facilities in this regard. 

Because we see that the countries which have made technical education necessary such as shoe making, metal making, agriculture, pottery making and cloth making etc.  The rate of economic growth there is much higher.

Technical education is the guarantee of the economic stability of any society, but unfortunately, the rate of technical education in Pakistan is only 6% while in developed countries this rate is much more than this.

Along with government efforts to equip the youth with technical education, the contribution of the private sector is also important.

Because the leading public polytechnic institutes in our country are only thirty while the number in the private sector is merely three percent. From this point of view, the interest of the rulers in the field of technical education can be well estimated.

Our gifted and talented students should know that summer vacations especially the long period after matriculation and intermediate exams till admission to the next class is the best time to learn some technical work or work.

If there is an institution near your home where you can learn a skill for free or for a small fee, you can find time to learn work on fixed days of the week or fixed hours every day. This thing will definitely increase your reputation

Someone has said well that if you want to be respected in the world, then achieve perfection in some work.

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