Importance of Tree Plantation Essay Simple and Easy

Tree Plantation Essay

Plantation means the work of planting trees which is done by man with his own hands.  It is a fact that man and tree have been side by side since day one, but it is more correct to say that man considers a tree as his friend without whom he cannot imagine living.  

As part of nature’s system, trees absorb carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and provide oxygen for humans, but also for all living things, which we breathe.  If there were no trees and plants, we would not be able to breathe. If there is no greenness of trees on the surface of the earth, then our life will become useless. It is these trees that control the air, land, water and noise pollution created by the predatory hands of man and teach man how to live. 

Besides, it is the trees and plants that provide us with food, shelter, medicine, furniture and many other things. Trees are also the home of birds and animals, their habitat and source of food. 

Trees are the blessings of Allah Almighty that cause climate change. Clouds that cause rain come into existence thanks to trees. Our beloved country Pakistan is very fortunate in the sense that Allah Almighty has blessed it with four seasons, summer, winter, spring and autumn, but despite this we do not take sufficient advantage of them because only four percent of our country is covered with forests. There are very few and it is a matter of great concern. Compared to our country, 23% in India, 22% in China and 44% in Russia are covered by forests.

Today, some countries in the world are also facing the problem of global warming. Pakistan is one of them. One of the major causes of global warming is massive deforestation. Due to the massive cutting of trees, the atmosphere is getting less oxygen and more carbon dioxide 

Trees use carbon dioxide as food. If deforestation continues at the same rate, the increase in carbon dioxide will reach dangerous levels for human health and the effects of global warming will increase.  Because there is no significant technology to prevent global warming in our country, the government should start an afforestation campaign.

An awareness should be created among the people about the plantation drive. Protect the trees that are planted until they grow. This is one way by which the effects of global warming can be reduced in our country.

Today is the age of science and technology. Modern methods have also come in the world for plantation. Plantation is done by drones. These drones drop seeds from the air to the ground, through which afforestation can be done on a large area in a short time.

Many countries, such as Japan and Sri Lanka, have benefited greatly from this technology, which is ten times faster and more profitable than hand-planting, and costs a lot less money. Every patriot, even if he is a student, must plant trees as far as possible within his reach. Planting trees is also our religious duty and Ashjaar (trees) have been mentioned in various contexts in the Holy Quran. 

Allah has mentioned the tree as his mercy in Surah Al-Nahl:

He is the One who sent down water for you from the sky, with which you are watered and fodder for your animals. He grows crops through this water. It produces olives, dates, grapes and various other fruits. Therein is a great sign for those who think.

Similarly, the Prophet (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) has also emphasized on planting trees and nurturing them. It is the commandment of the Prophet (PBUH).

 Whoever plants a tree, then cares for it, protects it and makes it grow into a full fruit tree, then there is a great reward for him and this charity becomes continuous.

A Muslim who plants a tree or cultivates it and it is eaten by humans, animals and birds, it is a charity for him.

The bottom line of all these things is that it becomes the duty not only of the government but of all of us to love trees, which are very bountiful to God’s creation. Consider it a sin to destroy trees and as far as possible, plant more trees and protect them like parents protect their children, but sadly some of us foolish people trample the trees. And they are cruel to the trees. I wish!  Don’t be like that.

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