Essay on Obedience to Parents in English

The Obedience of Parents Essay

The Obedience of Parents Essay After Allah Almighty, parents are the greatest benefactors of their children. Just as it is not permissible to turn away from the commands of Allah Ta’ala, disobedience to parents is also not permissible. For this reason, after Allah and His Messenger, parents are given the most respect. Among worldly relatives, the value … Read more

Essay on Floods in English for Students

Essay on Floods

Essay on Floods In this world, many calamities and troubles befall man. Every trouble is more than one. Among them there is a flood. What is a flood? A flood is a storm of water. Floods are a calamity that humanity suffers from its devastation. Sometimes due to rains, the water level in the rivers … Read more

Tourism in Pakistan Essay in English

Essay on Tourism

Essay on Tourism It is God’s command to walk around on this earth. Traveling on earth is called tourism and tourism is undoubtedly entertainment as well as a source of great education. When a man leaves home, his knowledge increases in various ways. He meets a variety of people. He appreciates the value of things … Read more

Begging is a Curse Essay in English

Essay on Begging

Begging is a Curse Essay Asking someone for help, mercy, or generosity in a desperate manner, especially in the form of material or financial support, is called Begging.  Today, in our society, this ugly ritual is being promoted with great enthusiasm. The more efforts should be made to eradicate this evil, the faster it is … Read more

Libraries Essay for Students in English with Quotes

Essay on Libraries

In English, the library is the place where books, magazines, newspapers and similar old and new materials are kept together for reading. In Urdu and Persian, the words for it are Katbkhana and in Arabic “Dar Al Kitab”. For students and teachers, almost every good educational institution has a collection of books of various subjects … Read more

Information Technology Essay Simple and Easy

Information Technology Essay

Information Technology Essay Nowadays, many important inventions like radio, telephone, calculator and computer have completely changed human life. The invention of the internet has brought more revolutions in our lives. The system of modern communication and rapid development is termed as Information Technology or IT.   The term information technology, which has created immense possibilities in … Read more